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Prices & FAQ


Dog Walking

Price : 1 hour -From £10
Reduction for 2 or more dogs (£15 for 2, £20 for 3)

50 minute- 60 minute walk to include cleaning and travel time.

Countryside Walk

Collected & Returned Safely

From £10 per hour in core hours between 11-3pm

£11 per hour or £6.50 per half hour before 11 or after 3pm

Extra dogs half price of hourly or half hourly rates.

Please contact to discuss further. Thanks you

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House Visits

Price : From £12 per hour
£6 per half hour taking into account travel time.

House visits and walks outside core walking times.

We can arrange to visit your dog at your home to provide exercise and a bit of company.

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Appointments for Vets

Price : Please call to discuss.

If you can’t manage, we offer a service to transport and accompany your dog to the vets, whilst keeping you fully informed of the progress.

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About Us

jimWe have always had dogs, since we were children, and just love getting out and walking them. This isn’t always easy, juggling work, children, or ill health and so the idea was born – walking other people’s dogs, alongside other dogs, in the beautiful countryside of the Derwent Valley.

Jim has years of emergency nurse experience which he has added to with a certificate in Pet First Aid, full Pet Business Insurance and a real passion for the outdoors. Whilst Ann has worked full time, he has trekked up hill and down dale with our dogs over the years, exploring place after place and enjoying seeing the dogs running freely.

What Derwent Dog Walkers can offer you:

  • Hour long walks in the countryside, up to 5 dogs at a time
  • House visits and walks outside core walking times
  • Appointments for vets
  • Dog sitting services available on request including overnight stays
  • Other small animals’ needs considered ie, cat feeding, hamster boarding
  • Overall, the reassurance that your dog, or other small animal, is being well cared for and getting a personalised, individualised, and flexible, experience each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get to know my dog?

We will visit you at your home, if that works for you, to meet you and your dog. There we will complete quite a detailed form to understand as much about your pet as possible. We will let you know how the visits have gone, if you would like that, until you feel comfortable with the arrangement.

What if I don’t want you to come every day?

That’s fine, we will do our best to meet everyone’s specific requirements. If you have to cancel for any reason, please see our terms and conditions for cancellation times.

How do I pay you?

We want this to be as easy as possible so please pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer to suit yourself. Payment can be left at your house, within a week of getting the invoice, and we will collect it when we next visit, or you can pay on line if that suits. Full details are provided with the contract.

Will you exercise my dog off its lead?

That is entirely up to you. We know that dogs love a good run, and that’s what we want to provide, but it is entirely up to you if you want your dog to be kept on its lead. We do ask that your dog comes back when called though! We will not let your dog off its lead unless you have signed, giving your permission.

Are you insured for this type of service?

Derwent Dog Walkers has full Pet Insurance to cover this service. In addition Ann and Jim both have a disclosure certificate checked by the police. Jim will soon have a Pet First Aid Certificate.

What will you do if my pet looks unwell?

If your pet looks unwell, or is behaving out of character then we will make contact with the named emergency contact in the first instance. We will take our guidance from them. If we cannot reach the named contact then we will decide ourselves if the pet requires a visit to the vet and make the necessary arrangements. Any costs will be met by yourself, as detailed in our T&Cs. We hope however that this will be in very rare cases, and that we can have a positive conversation with you in the first instance.

What if I am looking for a service that you have not listed?

Please contact us anyway and talk to us. If we can sort something out, or get in touch with someone else who can help, then we will do that.

What to expect

We will meet with you beforehand to understand what your dog needs, and to meet you and your dog. We will discuss your dog’s likes and dislikes and agree the way to go. We can let you know each day how the walk has gone, if you would like that.

Walks with other dogs will be arranged between 11am and 3pm Monday to Friday, with requests for other walks and services outside of these core hours.

Weekends and Bank holidays by negotiation. Give us a call if you have any questions.

About our service

You can check out our Dog Walking prices above. Your dog will get an hour long walk in the countryside.

Price per hour – 1 hour – £10, reduction for 2 or more dogs (£15 for 2, £20for 3)

Derwent Dog Walkers will give your dog a fantastic countryside walk.
For more information have a look around the website, or give us a call on 07981 729269